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Commercial Cleaning

We understand the importance of running your business efficiently, and our commercial cleaning service aims to help you with that goal. Let the janitorial service by Houses Are Us LLC take care of your office cleaning tasks. We’ll dump trash cans, clear up messes, and wipe down desks and surfaces. A dirty office will make it harder for employees to move around and get work done on time, and if the mess gets out of hand, it can even become a safety hazard. Our cleaning service provides a pristine environment for you and your employees to work in. When a business looks disorderly and messy, your clients will be sure to notice, which can affect their view of your work and your abilities. Don’t let messes get in the way of closing that deal, and let our janitor service in Los Angeles, CA, take care of your daily cleaning needs. You can trust that your workplace will be sparkling clean when you arrive at work in the morning. Our cleaning company strives to meet your standards and exceed them. Don’t let yourself be smothered in a cluttered and unclean environment. Contact us to clean your commercial space today!


-All sales are final. No refunds
-$60-$100 deposit required to book an appointment
-Clients will be charged full price if not cancelled within 24 hrs of appointment.

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