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Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving into a new place can be exciting. However, moving out of your old place can be a pain. Gathering and packing up all of your belongings is tiring enough, but this process also inevitably uncovers all the dirt and dust that’s been hiding in the nooks and crannies this entire time. You don’t want to leave all that clutter and mess lying around your home when you leave. If you’re a renter looking to get their deposit back, it’s even more critical to get move out cleaning services performed by our team of maids. Let our professional housekeeper handle the cleaning when you’re in the middle of the moving process. We’ll get deep down into neglected or forgotten areas of your residence and get everything looking as good as new so that you can leave behind a spotless home. We also offer move in cleaning services for your new location so that you can settle in comfortably without any worries. We’ll ensure that your new home is nice and clean when you arrive. Houses Are Us LLC can take care of either residence in Los Angeles, CA, so that you can focus on a smooth move!


-All sales are final. No refunds
-$60-$100 deposit required to book an appointment
-Clients will be charged full price if not cancelled within 24 hrs of appointment.

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